Meet Karla Lang

Karla Lang is a clinically trained Marriage and Family Therapist who is specialized as a Conscious Relationship Coach. She is an expert at bringing singles and couples to deeper levels of communication, connection and happiness. She has obtained relationship healing status with over 20 years of experience and 16,000 client hours.

Karla’s magical guidance helps singles and couples have amazing communication AND passionate sex. 

Her mission is to heal people into alignment with divine consciousness impacting all of their lives, particularly in their relationship to themselves, to others, to their environment and to Source.


Be able to use your connection to the Divine to live in love, peace and joy in your relationship

One of the things you will get with me is a lot more peace and joy in your relationship and the reason you will be able to do that is that when you are connected to a higher level consciousness, 

That truth and essence comes through your human experience as pure love. 

When you are coming from pure love, it changes every human relationship you are in.  

When you do my 5 step process, Called the Truth and Essence Process, You will see you can connect to that truth, and joy anytime you desire because your higher consciousness is always available to you.

As a result, you’ll see your partner from love and acceptance and they see you that way as well.

3 Tips to Reignite the Spark in Your Relationship

As a relationship coach, I often hear from couples who have experienced a loss of sexual desire and are struggling to maintain a passionate relationship.
But the good news is that with a little effort and intention, it is possible to reignite the flames of passion and create a deep and meaningful connection with your partner. In this video, I will be sharing practical tips and strategies that have helped many passionate couples rekindle their romance and build a stronger, more intimate relationship.

Clarity in Love: 3 Keys to Create Your Ideal Relationship

Are you ready to find out if

“You are Ready for Lasting Love”

You’ve been single for how long? How come the most amazing partner hasn’t shown up yet?

*PS there is more than one!

How to Tell If They Are The One?

How to tell if they are the “ONE.

You have been on a few dates…and it feels good, but is it?

Let’s get started!

I love me! 

We often put on masks or we will pretzel ourselves to be someone or do the things that are out of our value system in order to make sure that person will accept us or like us.  

We are afraid of being criticized, because we are too much of something or not enough of something else. 

When you are able to come to full acceptance of yourself, you just stand in the wholeness of who you are, and being totally ok with the stuff with that people like or don’t like. 

You stand in your power. 

And from that level of power, you actually attract the person that can meet you in that space. If they’re not in alignment with how you show up in the world, they will just step off, which is actually a blessing. Because you know that the one who is in alignment with you is the only one you actually want. 

What People Are Saying About Karla


Karla has the magic sauce. The results are immediate and they have longevity. I am blown away. If you do the work, you’ll certainly get results. This isn’t something you can backslide on. Once it’s done, you transform and it’s over. It’s just phenomenal. I am now able to be much more loving, and responsible for all the relationships in my life. I feel so much positivity and I’m a lot more excited about life


Before working with Karla,I felt somewhat disconnected from people. I didn’t want to open myself up because I was scared they wouldn't like what they saw. After many exercises and explorations with Karla, I learned to embrace my vulnerability and accepted myself and my flaws. Now, I have the freedom to be authentic, vulnerable and transparent with others. I even now say things I would normally have avoided to people during conversations and this has helped me progress massively in my relationships.


I was battling with a number of challenges such as feeling undeserving, and awaiting validation for my actions as well as a host of other insecurities. I’ve tried a lot of healing methodologies but Karla has helped me change my life. I got a sense of the “wholeness” of the world, and my part in it, as a sacred relationship. Now, I feel a lot happier in a state of deeper trust in the universe, knowing that all my needs will be met. Karla just has that magical recipe for building relationships


I had the biggest breakthrough of my life after working with Karla. I don’t know how she does it and it’s really magical to be honest. Before Karla, life was really difficult and I felt overwhelmed with all I had going on. I had a difficult time expressing what I do and who I am to people. But Karla totally transformed me and helped me realize my superpower to articulate myself. Now, I speak the truth of the spirit within. I feel more connected to the universe and understand that I have so much love to give. My future looks really clear and I know what to do to get there. You’re pretty amazing, Karla!

Create and experience a deeper intimate connection with your partner

If you are holding any type of resentment towards your partner, they can feel that, and they will respond with a degree of defensiveness, which puts you both on edge. 

By using my Dialogue Process, you learn how to communicate so that you’re no longer holding resentment towards your partner for your feelings of disconnect. 

And then you open up the ability to express what’s missing from the relationship, in a way that they can receive that information without getting defensive. As a result, you feel very heard and seen at a very deep level, and you really get the sense that your partner has got you. 

You can open up and feel safe, and so you come even closer together. 

Fundamentally, your partner DOES want to support you. When you feel that, you both feel more fulfilled and open, which usually means you can have more really great sex. 

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