Boundaries & Terms Online Course

I created this course for anyone that finds themselves in a relationship, so all of us!

As the title suggests, you will learn how to create boundaries and know what you are willing or will not accept in relationships.

From that point, you will learn to create terms that foster a reciprocity of energy coming back to you.

However, many of you may already know the boundaries and terms you would LIKE to have, but making decisions in alignment can be so, so hard.
That is why I have included the final piece – Decisions.

You will walk away stronger in decision making and showing up in the world with more confidence in the power of who you are.

The goal is creating relationships that are win-win.

Course Modules

These modules build off of each other, allowing you to venture deeper into your understanding of yourself and your relationship.


Let’s dig deep and learn what your boundaries are, and if they are working for you. Finding ways to ask for what you need and what you won’t accept.


When our boundaries are clear, we are able to create terms that not only serve us, but create a genuine reciprocity and loving exchange in our relationship.

Making Decisions

Maybe the most challenging  part for many of us, the confidence to make the decisions that feel aligned with who we want to be in our relationship and the confidence to do so.

Allow yourself the chance to be more vulnerable and more clear on what you want in your relationship. 

Meet Your New Coach

Hi I’m Karla Lang and I really like sex.  

I was in a sex poor relationship and it was heartbreaking.  I remember feeling so frustrated that no matter what I did or what I said, nothing seemed to reignite our passion for one another. 

I know there are many other couples out there that are going through what I have.

As a marriage and family therapist, I see couples in my office who are on the brink or are trying to figure out if they should stay together.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be really great if these couples could get help before they come to crisis? This is what brought me down the path to becoming a ClinicCoach® and start this coaching business. 

My goal is to help couples learn how to connect, to communicate in different ways, to see their partner in new lights and create more passion in their life.

I’ve been in two long-term relationships that didn’t last. I realized I was the common denominator of both of them. I decided to really do the healing that I needed to have my next relationship be the absolute best. 

I practice all the tools I teach in order to create the most fantastic, passionate and connected relationship that I am currently in.

As your coach, I want to help your relationship stay out of a therapist’s office. 


Want to know more? Book a free consult with me today!

Whether its just you or you and your partner, lets see if we are a right fit for one-on-one coaching or any of my other programs!