The Conscious Relationship Summit

Create, Manifest and Live Your Dream Relationship – Even if this Isn’t Your First Rodeo!

🌈 πŸ’– Start on a unique journey to discover your dream relationship and create deeper conscious connections!

What you Gain:

Day 1: Find the Real You

  • Discover your true self for a better relationship.
  • Get ready to attract your dream partner.
  • Know what you need for attracting the love of your life.

Day 2: Recognize ‘The One’ and Handle Difficult Dates

  • Spot toxic partners and learn to resolve conflicts.
  • Deepen your conversations by beingΒ  present and appreciative.
  • Figure out if they’re a good match and the relationship is worth investing in.

Day 3: Real-Life Relationship Tips

  • Discover how to have the best intimacy together
  • Learn to parent together as a team – even if it’s a blended family.
  • Be on the same page with finances
  • Avoid couples’ therapy or future divorce with easy communication skills.
  • Stay strong as life partners.

Day 4: Connect with the Divine

  • Strengthen your relationship with the divine.
  • Use your connection to the Divine as your source for manifesting your perfect partner
  • Improve your relationship for richer character and deeper connection.
  • Have a caring, conscious, and extraordinary relationship.

Join us for a journey to understand yourself and make your relationships better. Don’t miss this chance to transform and create lasting, meaningful connections!Β  Your dream love is waiting for you!

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Comprehensive Workbook: Uplevel your learning with a thoughtfully crafted workbook. Packed with insightful reflective questions, it’s your companion to anchor in the teachings and apply them to your unique journey.

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