Want Real Love?


Hi! I’m
Karla Lang.

Successful men and women,
hire me to make their love relationships feel
connected beyond belief,

even if it feels dried up like a desert.

For example, one of my clients had been in multiple relationships with people who just couldn’t commit. By uncovering his unconscious attraction to women who were not available at a deeper level, he was able to finally let go of this pattern and become available to the right person for him.
Another client wasn’t comfortable having sex even though she wanted to. It felt like a lot of pressure to please him. By bringing in the expression of adoration of each other all day long, and planning sex dates where they could actually just connect and enjoy each other, by the time they went through the process, she was literally begging for it. 

Know what you want and how to ask for it, so your partner will happily give it to you!

I’ve used my Conscious Relationship Coaching Process in my over 20,000 hours working with singles and couples so that they can create deeply connected and rejuvenated relationships.

Communicate consciously with your partner so they actually listen to you, and you both feel seen, heard and understood.  

Have deeper intimately conscious connections so that you can’t wait to see each other (just like when you first met).

Rejuvenate your sex life so it’s not the same old routine.  Start playing and flirting together, how about foreplay all day?

To better support you in your journey, I have included the following bonuses when you sign up for one-on-one sessions with me:

  • Online courses to help you expand on topics in your own time
  • Office Hours via. Voxer for any support you may need between sessions or about course materials
  • Bi-monthly LIVE webinars that will revolve around common topics that I see trending with my clients, with the opportunity for Q&A here as well


Tips for passionate love!

Meet Your New Coach

Hi I’m Karla Lang and I really like sex.  

I was in a sex poor relationship and it was heartbreaking.  I remember feeling so frustrated that no matter what I did or what I said, nothing seemed to reignite our passion for one another. 

I know there are many other couples out there that are going through what I have.

As a marriage and family therapist, I see couples in my office who are on the brink or are trying to figure out if they should stay together.

I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be really great if these couples could get help before they come to crisis? This is what brought me down the path to becoming a ClinicCoach® and start this coaching business. 

My goal is to help couples learn how to connect, to communicate in different ways, to see their partner in new lights and create more passion in their life.

I’ve been in two long-term relationships that didn’t last. I realized I was the common denominator of both of them. I decided to really do the healing that I needed to have my next relationship be the absolute best. 

I practice all the tools I teach in order to create the most fantastic, passionate and connected relationship that I am currently in.

As your coach, I want to help your relationship stay out of a therapist’s office.